Everybody Famous! (2000)

Sobre o filme

Marva is 17 years old and regularly attends musical competitions. She has never won anything, but she persists in her dream. Her father, laborer Jean, is also ambitious for his daughter?s success and tries to help her as he can. The situation is further complicated when he loses her job. In desperation, Jean seeks a way out. He meets Debbie, the most popular singer in the country, and decides to kidnap her. The kidnapping causes sales of the singer?s last single to soar, all of which is most pleasing to her unscrupulous agent. He seeks out Jean and proposes an agreement whereby instead of freeing the singer, he will keep her imprisoned. In exchange, the agent promises to transform Marva into a successful singer. Jean agrees but the plans fail when Debbie?s fans no longer take any interest in the kidnapping and sales drop. The agent cannot accept this, and decides on a new move to attract the attention of the fans. "When I was young, showbiz was not to be had. Worse yet, it was sinful. Today, in the Year 2000, the situation is completely different. The parents will do anything to see their children sing or perform. People revere television. Fame and money are the main concern. My film deals with these persons and the blind ambition that they cultivate", sums up Director Dominique Deruddere.

Título original: Everybody Famous!

Ano: 2000

Duração: 97 minutos

País: Belgium

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Dominique Deruddere

Fotografia: Willy Stassen

Montagem: Ludo Troch

Elenco: Josse De Pauw, Eva Van der Gucht, Werner De Smedt, Thekla Reuten, Viktor Löw, Gert Portael

Produtor: Loret Meus, Dominique Deruddere