I Love Beijing (2000)

Sobre o filme

Dezi is a flirtatious taxi driver. With his profession, he is in daily contact with a great number of different persons, but one type of passenger pleases him the most: young women. For these, he will go beyond the limits, breaking through red lights and driving up one-way streets. Dezi is part of their lives for a few hours, but soon returns to a starting point. Young and handsome, the taxi driver is in the horns of a dilemma: whether to follow his destiny, or to go along with the women he drives. I Love Beijing starts with Dezi posing for his wedding photographs with his bride. Flashbacks then go back over the life of this Casanova the year before. People and places enter and exit Dezi’s life on his route through the streets of Peking. His taxi is the ideal medium to follow along with the transformations undergone by the city and to perceive its divers realities. This is a faithful portrait of the multiciplicity of contemporary Peking.

Título original: Xiari Nuanyangyang

Ano: 2000

Duração: 97 minutos

País: China

Cor: colorido

Direção: NING YING

Roteiro: Ning Dai, Ning Ying

Fotografia: Gao Fei

Montagem: Ning Ying

Elenco: Yu Lei, Zuo Baitao, Tao Hong

Produtor: Hans Sanping, Wang Zhonglei, Ning Ying