Loving (2012)

Sobre o filme

Maria and Tomek are in their thirties and have been married for ten years. They live in a small town. Both find professional fulfillment in their jobs: he in a design company, she at the town hall. They are working together on the decoration of their apartment and expecting a baby. It seems that nothing is capable of disturbing their peaceful lives. But one day the mayor, who has long lusted after Maria, rapes her. She decides not to report this to the police. Nor does she tell her husband. From that day forth, their love is put to the test.

Título original: Milosc

Ano: 2012

Classificação: 18 years

Duração: 105 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: Poland

Cor: cor


Roteiro: Marek Pruchniewski, S_awomir Fabicki

Fotografia: Piotr Szczepa_ski

Montagem: Maciej Pawli_ski

Elenco: Marcin Dorocinski, Julia Kijowska, Adam Woronowicz

Produtor: Leszek Rybarczyk, Marek Rudnicki

Produção: Odeon Rybarczyk Productions

World Sales: Odeon Rybarczyk Productions