Encarnación (2007)

Sobre o filme

`I´m an actress` is how Erni Levier likes to see herself, with all the assertiveness and self-assurance of the present tense. Of course she hears the `Wasn´t-she-the-one-who...` and `Didn´t-she-once-appear-in...` whispered behind her back. And she knows that her best years are behind her. Yet she continues to hope - for roles in films or commercials, for a comeback, for the spotlight. In her Buenos Aires apartment plastered with posters of the B movies she starred in as the sex bomb du jour, she leads a surprisingly normal life, enjoying an easygoing relationship with a middle-aged man, setting up a website to keep herself in the public eye... But when she gets an invitation to her niece Ana´s 15th birthday party, Erni decides to return to her hometown. Ana, who adores her aunt, is overjoyed. Finally, a touch of glamour in the pampas, the scent of expensive perfume, the cut and feel of beautiful dresses... For Ana, it´s a time of discovery - of her own femininity, of infatuation, jealousy, of growing up. For Erni, it´s a difficult return to her roots, a rough landing amidst the family and neighbors who know her as Encarnación, the girl who fled to the big city to sell her body in immoral films...

Título original: Encarnación

Ano: 2007

Duração: 90 minutos

País: Argentina

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: Sergio Wolf, Gustavo Malajovich, Anahí Berneri, Mariana Espeja

Fotografia: Diego Poleri

Elenco: Silvia Pérez, Martina Juncadella, Luciano Cáceres, Ines Saavedra, Carlos Portaluppi, Fabian Arenillas, Osmar Núnez

Produtor: Diego Dubcovsky, Daniel Burman

Música: Nico Cota