The Lake Triangle (1999)

Sobre o filme

First science fiction film produced in Bolivia. After a piercing scream, Cecilia disappears in the waters. Her husband, Daniel, throws himself into the sea to bring her back, but his efforts are in vain. He returns to Bolivia and, in the course of time, strange things begin to happen in their home. Several objects disappear or simply change places. Daniel begins to think it must be his wife?s spirit that has not yet found peace. To find an explanation, together with his friend Horácio, Daniel seeks the assistance of a parapsychologist. With his granddaughter Lucia, Alfredo discovers that Cecília, in fact, is not dead, but is alive, in a parallel universe. Concomitantly, Lilian, from the same office as Daniel, is in reality a scientist from another dimension with plans to take him with her, since the information he has in his subconscious about past lives is precisely what she requires for her interdimensional travels. The task, however, will not be easy, in that there is a new element in the story, namely Reinaldo, who has just arrived in this world and intends to impede Liliana?s plans.

Título original: El Triangulo Del Lago

Ano: 1999

Duração: 109 minutos

País: Bolivia

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Mauricio Calderón

Fotografia: Ernesto Fernandez T.

Montagem: Julia Yip

Elenco: David Mondacca, Jorge Ortiz, Elías Serrano, Nicolás Bauer, Ximena Galarza, Valeria Adriázola, Anaí Urquidi

Produtor: Mauricio Calderón, Wolfgang Kellert