Don`s Plum (2000)

Sobre o filme

Brad, Ian, Jeremy and Derek are four teenage friends. As on every Saturday, they plan to meet again to go to Don’s Plum café. And, as always, each will have to find a girl that will stay. Brad has no trouble, for he is already going steady with Sara who wants to meet his friends. Ian has met with a series of failures but this time he has fixed it up with Juliet. On the look-out for adventure, Jeremy gives a girl a lift and he goes with her. Things are not that good for Derek and he goes on his own. And what would be the favorite subject for a group of young people? Sex, sex, sex. Gay sex, bisexual sex, good sex, bad sex... Between coffee and fried potatoes, the hours pass, they laugh and argue. Together at the same table, the four friends exchange confidences, discover secrets, are closer together. The hours go by, they break up, it is almost morning.

Título original: Don`s Plum

Ano: 2000

Duração: 90 minutos

País: United States

Cor: colorido

Direção: R.D. ROBB

Roteiro: Bethany Ashton, Tawd Beckman

Fotografia: Steve Adcock

Montagem: Paul Heiman, Nabil Menchi

Elenco: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connelly

Produtor: Thiomas Mai, Neils Rask Larsen, Peter Aalbaek Jensen