God Man Dog (2008)

Sobre o filme

This is a rhapsody of Gods, men, and dogs down and out together. A meandering truck full of gods gets mixed up with a cast of outcasts whose lives gradually entwine with each other. Yellow Bull, the owner of the truck, travels around giving shelter to deserted god statues yet can’t afford to have his artificial leg fixed. Biung, an alcoholic aboriginal, transports top-class peaches between a remote village and Taipei city yet finds himself less valued than even a peach. Ching, a depressed middle class wife, attempts to redeem her marriage after the death of her newborn. Then there’s a fatal car accident caused by a stray dog. Can it change their lives and put an end to the obvious and distinct boundaries between them?

Título original: Lio Lang Sheng Go Ren

Ano: 2008

Duração: 119 minutos

País: Taiwan

Cor: color, 35mm

Direção: Singing Chen

Roteiro: Singing Chen, Ian Lou

Fotografia: Ko-Shang Shen

Elenco: Jack Kao, Tarcy Su, Han Chang, Jonathan Chang, Ulau Ugan, Xiao-Han Tu

Produtor: Singing Chen

Música: Hiromichi Sakamoto