De Cara Limpa (2000)

Sobre o filme

Life is not made up only of winners. To have the will and the determination, in the belief we are doing the right thing are not enough to attain success. Director Sergio Daniel Lerrer?s camera focuses nine characters from the Brazilian lower middle class, all of them directly or indirectly interconnected by the plot, either in search of fame or merely to fulfill their own "great small dreams". None were born privileged at birth, and all will have to battle it out with resources of their own and "bare faced". Eduardo is endeavoring to be an actor, attends courses in drama, never tires of taking part in castings for TV commercials, yet he cannot find so much as a walk-on part. Laura, his girlfriend, also from his neighborhood, aspires to the conventional: college, a wedding, children. The most her brother Cadão has ever attained in life is, at the age of 26, to be the owner of a shop for technical assistance that fixes and sells used TV sets and sound equipment. Another character, in parallel, but who contributes towards the story is Nita, a woman of some 70 years who proves to the group that to be young in spirit is not a matter of age.

Título original: De Cara Limpa

Ano: 2000

Duração: 97 minutos

País: Brazil

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Sergio Daniel Lerrer, Vinícius Campos

Fotografia: Alberico Mello, Kadu Ventura

Montagem: Luiz Tanin

Elenco: Bruna Thedy, Bárbara Paz, Tina Rinaldi, Vinícius Campos, Marcos Mion, Silvinha Faro, João Paulo Lorenzon, Luciano Gatti, Paulo Jordão

Produtor: Sergio Daniel Lerrer, Fausto Fernandes, Vinícius Campos