Cool and Crazy (2001)

Sobre o filme

The small fishing village of Berlevag in the north of Norway, is face to face, daily, with the rough seas of the Sea of Barents, looking out, continuously, on the North Pole. Cool and Crazy revolves around the exotic and colorful male choir of the village consisting of 30 lively Norwegian men. Director Erik Jensen was in Berlevag filming the feature Passing Darkness when he was invited to a performance by the Berlevag Male Choir. “From the very first note, I was enthralled. There, in those frozen, inhospitable wastes, at the end of the world, was a group of men singing powerfully and passionately”, he says. “To some, this is a film about men. To others, about music. Or love, politics, fishing... I do believe, however, that the film is about the dignity of common people who struggle on a daily basis against implacable nature”, he says. Berlevag is the tiny city that became famous after the release of the novel “Babette’s Feast”, by Isak Dinesen, adapted to cinema by Gabriel Axel in 1988.

Título original: Heftig Og Begeistret

Ano: 2001

Duração: 105 minutos

País: Norway

Cor: colorido


Fotografia: Svein Krovel, Aslaug Holm

Montagem: Aslaug Holm

Elenco: Berlevag Male Choir

Produtor: Tom Remlov