Butterfly (2000)

Sobre o filme

n December 1997, Julia Hill climbed a one-thousand-year-old tree that people called Luna, to save it from being cut down. She is the daughter of an evangelical pastor and is associated to the Earth First pro-environment organization. Her determination adds more fuel to an issue already ablaze in the north of California, with burning conflicting interests over the issues of ancient forests. Julia "Butterfly" Hill believed her makeshift abode there, in the heights of the tree, would be for only a few weeks; however, she weathered it out for two years until she had saved the thousand-year-old tree and all of the green hillside around. She survived the El Niño winter storms, frightening winds, and the stubborn opposition of the predatory Pacific Lumber company and its new owner Charles Hurwitz who did not adhere to the forestry regulations in the region. During all of the time she spent "above the earth", she wrote notes in a note-book, recently compiled in The Legacy of Luna. Butterfly is not only a documentary on the ecological movement or issues, but tells the story of what each one of us can do and the grandiosity that is ours, within our reach.

Título original: Butterfly

Ano: 2000

Duração: 80 minutos

Cor: colorido


Fotografia: Doug Wolens

Montagem: Zack Bennett, Doug Wolens

Produtor: Doug Wolens