About Adam (1999)

Sobre o filme

It is night again in Dublin, and Lucy Owens follows a routine: she sings to customers in a fashionable restaurant, all the meanwhile reflecting on how unlucky she is in love. In the midst of the songs and day-dreams about her last romance, however, a stranger appears at the tables that rocks her heart. Finally, after an interminable sequence of love affairs, all of very short duration, Lucy meets someone she can actually date for more than three weeks. Adam is handsome, charming, and full of surprises to be discovered. As the romance gradually becomes more serious, the boy’ charm gradually wins the affection of all of Lucy’ family, mainly of her sisters, Laura and Alice, and her mother Peggy. Even her youngest brother David, is hypnotized. However, the mysterious side to his life with its constant changes, begins to intrigue all. After the arrival of Adam, the hundrum existence of the Owens will never again be the same.

Título original: About Adam

Ano: 1999

Duração: 97 minutos

País: Ireland

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Gerard Stembridge

Fotografia: Bruno de Keyser

Montagem: Mary Finlay

Elenco: Stuart Townsend, Frances O’Connor, Charlotte Bradley, Kate Hudson

Produtor: Anna Devlin, Mariana Hughes