Apocalipse Now Redux (2001)

Sobre o filme

Francis Ford Coppola’ classic Apocalypse Now, returns in a new version edited by the director himself. This version includes 49 minutes more of a hallucinating voyage through the horrors of war. The focus is on the U.S. intervention in Vietnam, but the film rapidly became a cutting allegory on homicidal instincts in man. To make the film, Coppola and his team stayed for 14 months cut off in the Philippines, subject to wind storms and flood: the film settings were severely damaged or destroyed on several occasions. Coppola lost 30 kilos, and the main character Martin Sheen experienced a heart attack during the filming. “Apocalypse Now was almost my personal apocalypse. To the film, I forfeited some of my health and much of my inspiration. At times, I was under the impression, I was at a deadlock”, says the director. The film, an adaptation of the book “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad won the Oscars for best sound and best photography and was indicated for prizes for best film, best director, and best supporting actor (Robert Duvall). The film was also awarded the Golden Palm in Cannes.

Título original: Apocalipse Now Redux

Ano: 2001

Duração: 197 minutos

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Francis Ford Coppola, John Milius

Fotografia: Vittorio Storaro

Montagem: Walter Murch

Elenco: Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Frederic Forrest, Harrison Ford

Produtor: Francis Ford Coppola, Kim Aubry