Tying the Knot (2004)

Sobre o filme

A piercing analysis of the struggle between the U.S. gay community and those who insist on denying them the right to legal matrimony. One of the stories is about policewoman Lois Marrero and her companion Mickie. After 13 years together, Lois dies in a shoot-out in a bank robbery. Mickie is at first tolerated by Lois? family, but when she decides to claim her right to a pension from the police department, Lois? sister, Brenda, intervenes and ensures the pension is paid to the family. Another case involves Sam, a rancher from Oklahoma who loses his companion of 25 years and must face his companion?s cousins who are bent on expelling him from the place he has lived in for years. The film also carries out a historical survey of gay activists and their victories over the years, leading up to the present situation of renewed focus on the part of the U.S. right wing in the act of revoking rights that have been earned over the centuries.

Título original: Tying the Knot

Ano: 2004

Duração: 87 minutos

Cor: Colorido

Direção: JIM DE SÈVE

Produtor: Jim de Séve, Stephen D. Pelletier, Kian Tjong