Tomorrow Never Again (2011)

Sobre o filme

Walter is a middle class anesthetist doctor, tired and harmless, that works hard to keep a reasonable life standard for his family. Walter is a man that avoids conflicts and has difficulties to say no in his daily life. All of a sudden, a night full of chance invades the strict routine of this man. One night, in the chaotic traffic at the East suburbs of São Paulo, he needs to pick up the cake for his daughter’ birthday. What should be a trivial journey suddenly becomes quite an unusual one, as all the unimaginable is about to happen.

Título original: Amanhã Nunca Mais

Ano: 2011

Duração: 74 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: Brazil

Cor: color


Roteiro: Marcelo Muller, Mauricio Arruda, Tadeu Jungle

Fotografia: Ricardo Della Rosa

Montagem: Estevan Santos e Jon Kadosca

Elenco: Lázaro Ramos, Maria Luiza Mendonça, Fernanda Machado, Milhem Cortaz, Luís Miranda

Produtor: Paulo Roberto Schmidt

Produção: Academia de Filmes

Música: Andre Abujamra e Marcio Nigro