Taking Woodstock (2009)

Sobre o filme

Working as an interior designer in New York, Elliot feels empowered by the gay rights movement. But he is also still staked to the family business : a dumpy motel called the El Monaco. In the summer of 1969, Elliot has to move back upstate to the El Monaco in order to help save the motel from being taken over by the bank. Upon hearing that a planned music and arts festival has lost its permit from the neighboring town of Wallkill, Elliot calls producer Michael Lang to offer his family’ motel to the promoters and generate some much-needed business. Soon, the Woodstock staff is moving into the El Monaco, and half a million people are on their way to his neighbor’ farm for “3 Days of Peace & Music in White Lake.”

Título original: Taking Woodstock

Ano: 2009

Duração: 110

Gênero: Fiction

País: United States

Cor: color

Direção: ANG LEE

Roteiro: James Schamus

Fotografia: Eric Gautier

Elenco: Demetri Martin, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Imelda Staunton, Emile Hirsch, Paul Dano, Liev Schreiber

Produtor: James Schamus

Música: Danny Elfman