Acacio (2008)

Sobre o filme

From 1918 until 2008, Acácio Videira and Maria da Conceição lived on three different continents. Born in Portugal, they were foreigners in Angola and later in Brazil. In the intervals between what is seen and lived, between what is remembered and what is forgotten, images from the present blend with films and photographs produced by Videira in the past. As from the couple`s background, the film interconnects the three countries, people, and reflects on colonial relations, exile, war, and memory.

Título original: Acacio

Ano: 2008

Duração: 88 minutos

País: Brazil

Cor: color


Roteiro: Clarissa Campolina, Marília Rocha

Fotografia: Clarissa Campolina, Marília Rocha

Elenco: Acácio Videira, Maria da Conceição Videira, Gambôa Muatximbau

Produtor: Helvécio Marins Jr., Diana Gebrim, Glaura Cardoso, Luana Melgaço

Música: O Grivo