Stepping Softly on the Earth (2022)

Sobre o filme

Three indigenous leaderships from Amazonia try to keep alive their traditional cultures and manners. These are the stories of Katia, a leader of the Akrãtikatêjê tribe, Manuel, a leader of the Munduruku tribe, and José Manuyama, a teacher of Kokama origin. The trio narrates the threats to their territories promoted by big mining companies, by monoculture, by the extraction of wood and by the construction of hydroelectric power plants. Interconnected by the voice and the ancestral philosophy of Ailton Krenak, these stories of resistance present us other ways of existing and walking on the Earth.

Título original: Pisar Suavemente na Terra

Ano: 2022

Classificação: G

Duração: 73 min.

Gênero: Documentary

País: USA, Brazil

Tags: Brazil, USA, activism, A Look About the Amazon, documentary, identity, indigenous, environment, nature, politics, social pressure, violence

Cor: Cor

Direção: Marcos Colón

Roteiro: Marcos Colón, Bruno Malheiro

Fotografia: Bruno Erlan, Marcos Colón

Montagem: Diego Orix

Produtor: Marcos Colón

Produção: Amazônia Latitude Films

Música: Diego Orix