Looking for Venera (2021)

Sobre o filme

Calm, taciturn teenager Venera lives in a small village in Kosovo. At home, three generations are constantly under one another’s feet in their cramped house, so she has hardly any privacy. Outside too, on the streets and in the café, it’s not much better: the village is small and there’s always a brother, nephew or neighbour keeping a beady eye on her. A girl is expected above all else to protect her good reputation – and that of her family. All of which makes it difficult for Venera to go her own way. Her spirits are lifted when she makes friends with rebellious Dorina.

Winner of the Special Jury Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Título original: Në Kërkim Të Venerës

Ano: 2021

Classificação: 16

Duração: 111 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: Kosovo

Tags: Kosovo, international festivals, awarded films, female directors, youth, maturing, family, social pressure, friendship

Cor: Cor

Direção: Norika Sefa

Roteiro: Norika Sefa

Fotografia: Luis Armando Arteaga

Montagem: Stefan Stabenow, Norika Sefa

Elenco: Kosovare Krasniqi, Erjona Kakeli, Rozafa Celaj, Basri Lushtaku

Produtor: Besnik Krapi

Produção: Circle Production

World Sales: Film Republic