The French Dispatch (2021)

Sobre o filme

On the occasion of the death of its beloved Kansas-born editor Arthur Howitzer, Jr., the staff of The French Dispatch, a widely circulated American magazine based in the French city of Ennui-sur-Blasé, convenes to write his obituary. Memories of Howitzer flow into the creation of four stories: a travelogue of the seediest sections of the city itself; a article about a criminally insane painter; a chronicle of love and death on the barricades at the height of student revolt; and a suspenseful tale of drugs, kidnapping and fine dining. 

Presented at Cannes and San Sebastián film festivals.

Título original: The French Dispatch

Ano: 2021

Classificação: 14

Duração: 107 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: United Kingdom, France, Germany

Tags: France, international festivals, journalism, death, magic realism

Cor: Cor

Direção: Wes Anderson

Roteiro: Wes Anderson

Fotografia: Robert Yeoman

Montagem: Andrew Weisblum

Elenco: Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Léa Seydoux, Frances McDormand, Timothée Chalamet, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Christoph Waltz, Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman, Anjelica Huston

Produtor: Searchlight Pictures, Indian Paintbrush Present, American Empirical Picture

Produção: Wes Anderson, Steven Rales, Jeremy Dawson, Octavia Peissel

Música: Alexandre Desplat

Distribuição: Disney