The Waltz (2007)

Sobre o filme

The film is a whole 90 minutes sequence-plane which tells how the lives of two people are drastically changed in the space of one and half hours. In the lower floors of a big hotel, a young waitress meets a man in a situation which threatens their identities and certainties. Meanwhile, on the upper floors, the soccer entrepreneurs are represented in the cynicism and avidity of their gestures, as they try to understand and defend themselves from the turmoil of the scandal that has hit them.

Título original: Valzer

Ano: 2007

Duração: 86 minutos

País: Italy

Cor: color


Roteiro: Salvatore Maira

Fotografia: Maurizio Calvesi

Elenco: Valeria Solarino, Maurizio Micheli, Marina Rocco

Produtor: Marco Quintili, Gianmario Feletti, Stefano Sciarra, Marisa Grieco

Música: Nicola Campogrande