France (2021)

Sobre o filme

France de Meurs is a star journalist running between a television set, a distant war and the hustle and bustle of her busy family life. Her frantic high-profile world is suddenly turned upside down after a traffic accident in which she injures a pedestrian. This unexpected irruption of reality calls everything into question. As France attempts to slow down and retreat into a simple anonymous life, her fame continues to pursue her until a mystified love affair seems to put an end to her quest.

Presented at Cannes and Toronto film festivals.

Título original: France

Ano: 2021

Classificação: 14

Duração: 133 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: France, Germany, Belgium, Italy

Tags: France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, existential crisis, international festivals, war, journalism, social pressure

Cor: Cor

Direção: Bruno Dumont

Roteiro: Bruno Dumont

Fotografia: David Chambille

Montagem: Bruno Dumont, Nicolas Bier

Elenco: Léa Seydoux, Benjamin Biolay, Blanche Gardin, Emanuele Arioli

Produtor: Jean Bréhat, Muriel Merlin, Rachid Bouchareb

Produção: 3B Productions, Red Balloon, Tea Time Film, Ascent Film, Scope Invest

Música: Christophe

World Sales: Indie Sales