Lorelei (2020)

Sobre o filme

Wayland has been in prison for 15 years for armed robbery. Upon his release, he returns to his hometown and reconnects with his high school girlfriend Dolores. She is now a single mother struggling to support her three kids, who are all named after different shades of blue. Soon after their reunion, Wayland moves in with the chaotic family and becomes a reluctant yet much-needed father figure. Both fight at the margins of society. Struggling to pay the bills, Wayland finds himself drawn back to his old ways as Dolores yearns for her premotherhood dream of living in Los Angeles.

Presented at Tribeca Film Festival.

Título original: Lorelei

Ano: 2020

Classificação: 14

Duração: 110 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: USA

Tags: USA, family drama, motherhood, parenthood, crime, love relationship, international festivals, female directors, come back home, prison, social portrait

Cor: cor

Direção: Sabrina Doyle

Roteiro: Sabrina Doyle

Fotografia: Stephen Paar

Montagem: Daniel Myers

Elenco: Pablo Schreiber, Jena Malone, Amelia Borgerding, Parker Pascoe-Sheppard, Chancellor Perry

Produtor: Jennifer Radzikowski, Francesca Silvestri, Kevin Chinoy

Produção: Freestyle Picture Company

Música: Jeff Russo

World Sales: Visit Films