Fish & Cat (2013)

Sobre o filme

A number of students have traveled to the Caspian region in order to participate in a kite-flying event during the Winter solstice. Next to their camp is a small hut occupied by three cooks who work at a nearby restaurant. The cooks are looking for some meat to cook and there’s no one around other than the young students. The film is based on a true story about a restaurant that served minced human flesh for food and is shot in a single take.

Título original: Mahi Va Gorbeh

Ano: 2013

Classificação: 14 years

Duração: 134 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: Iran

Cor: cor & PB


Roteiro: Shahram Mokri

Fotografia: Mahmoud Kalari

Elenco: Babak Karimi, Saeed Ebrahimifar, Abed Abest

Produtor: Sepehr Seifi

Produção: Iran Novin

Música: Christophe Rezai

World Sales: Iranian Independents