Anerca, Breath of Life (2020)

Sobre o filme

Poetic ethnography of indigenous people of the Arctic built through the music, dance and breathing of these nomadic communities, which are organized between Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Russia. In Inuit, the word meaning to bring forth a poem is the same as the word to breathe. This word derives from anerca, which means soul, breath of life.

Winner of most innovative feature film prize at Visions du Réel festival.

Título original: Anerca, Elämän Hengitys

Ano: 2020

Classificação: 12

Duração: 86 min.

Gênero: Documentary

País: Finland

Tags: Finland, indigenous, nomad, documentary, awarded films

Cor: cor & pb

Direção: Markku LehmuskallioJohannes Lehmuskallio

Roteiro: Markku Lehmuskallio, Johannes Lehmuskallio

Fotografia: Johannes Lehmuskallio, Markku Lehmuskallio

Montagem: Markku Lehmuskallio, Johannes Lehmuskallio

Produtor: Markku Lehmuskallio

Produção: Giron Filmi

Música: Martti Turunen

World Sales: Markku Lehmuskallio