The Exit of the Trains (2020)

Sobre o filme

On June 29th, 1941, the Jewish residents of the city of Iasi were rounded up and beaten, shops and homes were looted, and most of the men were shot or crowded onto trains, where they later died of asphyxiation. While Germans took part in the pogrom, the majority of the perpetrators were Romanian policemen, military officers and civilians. With a radical, pared-down approach, the film lists the names of those who died, illustrating them with photographs from passports and family albums. Astoundingly sober accounts are heard in voiceover. Through repetition, accumulation and variation, the filmmakers make the scale of the atrocity tangible, and give the number of victims a concrete form.

Presented at Berlin International Film Festival.

Título original: Iesirea Trenurilor Din Gara

Ano: 2020

Classificação: 14

Duração: 175 min.

Gênero: Documentary

País: Romania

Tags: documentary, war, history, Romania, international festivals

Cor: p&b

Direção: Radu JudeAdrian Cioflâncă

Roteiro: Radu Jude, Adrian Cioflâncă

Fotografia: Marius Panduru

Montagem: Cătălin Cristuțiu

Produtor: Ada Solomon, Carla Fotea, Radu Jude

Produção: microFilm

World Sales: Taskovski Films