Sobre o filme

Three friends, companions since engineering college, have been partners with a construction company for over 15 years. On one side is Estevão, the senior partner, who threatens to tear society apart; on the other, Ivan and Gilberto, who are cornered and decide to eliminate Estevão. For this job they hire Anísio, who does the service. It is the beginning of a new phase for Ivan and Gilberto but it also becomes an unexpected nightmare: Anísio has plans for social ascension and gradually invades their lives, confronting them with the process of violence they have unleashed.

Título original: O INVASOR

Ano: 2001

Classificação: 18 years

Duração: 97 min

Gênero: Fiction

País: Brazil

Tags: Brazil, literary adaptation, crime, revenge

Cor: cor

Direção: Beto Brant

Roteiro: Marçal Aquino, Beto Brant, Renato Ciasca

Fotografia: Toca Seabra

Montagem: Manga Campion

Elenco: Paulo Miklos, Marco Ricca, Alexandre Borges, Mariana Ximenes, Malu Mader, Sabotage

Produtor: Bianca Villar, Renato Ciasca

Produção: Drama Filmes

Música: Rica Amabis, Tejo Damasceno, Daniel Ganjaman, Paulo Miklos, Sabotage