Imagem de Poster - Mostra de Cinema


Sobre a mostra

Artwork by Leon Cakoff

Official commencement of the Mostra Internacional de Cinema, to celebrate MASP’s (Art Museum of São Paulo) 30th birthday. Since 1974, the film critic Leon Cakoff has been in charge of MASP`s Cinema Department and has always successfully planned a great program. This program was considered an oasis amidst a rather somber, censorship and restriction-filled cinematographic world. That same year, Celso Lucca and José Celso Martinez Corrêa’s documentary, “25”, about Mozambique, was illegally brought into the country by French diplomats. The Public Choice Award: “Lúcio Flávio, o Passageiro da Agonia”, by Hector Babenco (Brazil). It’s screening was loudly applauded, anticipating the great success with the public. The art work on this year`s poster was done by Leon Cakoff.

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